Thursday, December 09, 2010

If I Only had a Gort

"If I Only Had a Gort"
With apologies to Yip Harburg

I could wipe away the towers, that crowd out all the flowers and crush trees of every sort.
And the cities I'd be scorchin' while yer countries I'd be torchin'
If I only had a Gort.

I'd unravel every nation without any bit o' patience, For the citizens of course.
With the panic you'd be knowin' you would feel yer life a-goin'
If I only had a Gort.

Oh, I could show you why Civilization's end is sure. I could think of killings never known before. And then I'd sit, and kill some more.

I would make yer navies nothin', their ships all full of stuffin'
The seas bereft of ports.
I would dance and be merry, and yer towns-o I would bury,
If I only had a Gort.

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