Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Wolfman and Sleep

More writing work today.

I saw THE WOLFMAN last night. I was worried about it before viewing the film because of my childhood memories of the original version. But all involved delivered a wonderful film. It was a pretty bloody horror movie, which I liked because, after all, the Wolfman is a monster. I can recommend the film, which is a rare occurrence for me.


A Hemlock tree growing on a cliff face high on Mount Jefferson. This was once a state park here in North Carolina, but was relegated to a state "Natural Area" due to the fact that the place has almost no facilities normally associated with a state park.


dogboy443 said...

I just got back from seeing it this afternoon and I liked it quite a bit. The movie was better than I expected and it had a lot of feel from the original Wolfman movie. I thought Del Toro was very good and Tony Hopkins was at his over-acting best.

Tracy said...

I have been debating seeing it, perhaps I will give it a try.

HemlockMan said...

Tracy: It's a good film. It has some pretty bloody violence and some shocking scenes. But of course it's a horror film, so that's what it's all about.

I enjoyed this interpretation of the monster. The scenes done with old-fashioned make-up effects (done by master Rick Baker) are better than the ones using CGI (which I consider to be nothing more than glorified cartoons).

Stuart said...

Bob, I like the film as well, very much indeed, and so does Rick -- and until seeing your blog entry I thought we were the only two on Earth who did!
Are you aware of the horrid reviews this film is getting left and right? It's really quite amazing how unpopular the movie is with critics; I don't get it AT ALL, and I've been puzzling over it for some days, now.
I'm so glad that it won a thumbs up from Maximum Bob!

HemlockMan said...

Thanks! I did read one glowing review of it from some syndication critic who absolutely adored the film. He was right, I think. I liked it.