Monday, February 22, 2010


The signing event for THE BLEEDING EDGE was phenomenal. Many hundreds of fans showed up. Sales were fantastic! I got to meet so many nice people and we autographed copies of the book for everyone who bought them. Many people bought multiple copies as an investment. I think they'll do well.

Here's a photo Carole took of me with several of the other contributors to the anthology:

In order from far left, front row (seated): Ray Bradbury, Norman Corwyn, George Clayton Johnson, John Shirley. Back row (standing) Unknown dude who had nothing to do with the anthology, James Robert Smith (in red shirt), Jason Brock (editor/publisher), Cody Goodfellow, John Tomerlin, Lisa Morton, Earl Hamner Jr., William F. Nolan (waving).


dogboy443 said...

Holy Sheep Dip that's a mass of talent, except for the dude who got into the picture. How was Bradbury's health?

HemlockMan said...

Ray Bradbury is very frail. But keep in mind that he's 90 years old. Norman Corwyn will be 100 in a few weeks. The two oldest gentlemen in the room.

Jason said...

Guy in the jacket is Marc Scott Zicree. Very talented. Wrote The Twilight Zone Companion.