Saturday, February 27, 2010

Various Photos of Joshua Tree National Park

The following are just random photos that we took on our day-trip to Joshua Tree National Park. Some are from outside the park, the rest are things that we saw within the park borders.

This was part of a truly vast wind farm that covers miles and miles and miles of territory in and around Desert Hot Springs.

My first look at some truly big western mountains. Not the biggest ones, of course, but some of the larger peaks around southern California. Bigger, of course, than anything we have here in the Southeastern USA.

Obligatory photo at the park entrance sign.

Carole walking along the trail to Barker Dam.

Beside the little lake. The first time that it's had water in over a year, according to the park ranger we spoke to.

Carole took this one of me at the dam itself.

Ancient petroglyphs at a rocky overhang along the trail.

I had to have a portrait taken with one of the Joshua trees.

And of course Carole could not keep me from scrambling up on the boulders and rocks.

One of the few wild animals we saw in the park. These little ground squirrels were begging for food at the Keys Point overlook. We didn't feed them anything.

Detail of a Cholla cactus. I was careful not to get stuck.

A self-portrait I took on one of my lone hikes while Carole waited at the trailhead.

The well-named Split Rock where we stopped to have a picnic lunch.

Carole took this one of my just before we left the park. There was a vast grove of these plants at the flat lands below the higher country in the northern part of the park.

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