Tuesday, August 04, 2009


We're almost ready to leave on our two-week vacation. I love these trips. I would hope they're an early barometer of what retirement is going to be like. We have some final preparations to make.

Unless I luck across a place that has free WiFi while on the road, I'll likely only post one more time until we return from our canoe trip on the Current River.

This is not the Current River, but rather one we explored in West Virginia.


dogboy443 said...

Hopefully I'll have a nice zombie finished or at least close to being finished when you come back. I've the sketches, I've the zombie and dog reference, now I just need a tight pencil piece that I can hit with grey washes and black ink. Then I'm going to colorize it in Photoshop and drop in the title etc.

HemlockMan said...

Can't wait to see that, Mark!

That piece you did for FIEND WITHOUT A FACE was one of the best things I've seen you do.