Friday, August 28, 2009

The Camera Dies

The last photo I took with the Canon camera before I got stung by bumblebees and dropped it off of the waterfall (in June).

The old camera that I spoke about here finally gave up the ghost. I guess there was just something about falling off of a 100+ foot waterfall into a deep pool of water that, in the final analysis, was more than it could handle. I'd noticed that it was having more and more problems in the weeks since I'd rescued it from the bottom of the falls and brought it home to dry out. First of all, there was the nagging bit of residue inside the lens that always popped up when I was shooting video footage. Most photos came out fine, but all video had that nagging spot right in the middle. Then the motor began to become more and more sluggish.

Finally, on the Missouri trip, the motor completely froze up. The camera had breathed its last. We thought about taking it into some shops, but realized that getting it fixed was going to be more expensive than just buying a new camera. So we bought a small, cheap digital to finish out our trip, and we'll purchase a new camera for official vacation photos this Christmas.

It was a really good camera. I was just too rough on it. So it goes.

The very last photo that we took with the camera before it finally broke down. We were having a picnic at Alley Spring when it just gave up the ghost.


Tracy said...

I hate losing a camera, it is like losing a friend or a pet! May it RIP

HemlockMan said...

That was a good one. I hated to see it croak. Of course I dropped it off of an enormous waterfall. I was amazed that it continued to work after that.