Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Greer Springs

Hike to Greer Springs

The most beautiful spring that we visited in Missouri was one called Greer Springs. It lies at the bottom of a shallow gorge and is reached by a one-mile trail. The trail was pretty easy with only one steep section just before reaching the spring. And it passes through some classic Ozark oak/pine forest that is relatively mature with some nice trees.

The day we went it was very quiet and there were no other people on the trail, nor at the springs while we were there.

Down in the grotto at the head of the gorge the spring emerges full force: millions of gallons of clear, cold, fresh water. (Click to embiggen.)

As with most of the Ozarks springs we saw, this one generates millions of gallons of cold, pure, fresh water per hour. The spring itself emerges in a torrent from a cave in a grotto and the combination of color and sound and low temperature made for a unique experience. This was easily the most beautiful and sensational of the springs we saw in Missouri.

The hike down got pretty warm, so Carole cooled off there in the rapids near the mouth of the spring.

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