Monday, August 03, 2009

Racism Sucks

So far, in 2009 I've completed two novels. Both of them deal, in one way or another, with racism. Over the years I've given that topic a lot of thought. I can think of nothing more evil among humans than two things: racism, and the way we treat the Earth. And after much consideration, I feel that the two are actually connected in many ways. The worst of the racist atrocities are committed by the wealthiest sector of the population against the financially and politically weakest section of the population. I was amused by the "outrage" when our President made the common-sense statement that the cops involved in arresting a highly respected intellectual who walks with the aid of cane. However, I'll go him one further. Those cops were stupid racist bastards. To Hell with them. That cop who couldn't take an agitated old man's insults? What a whiny-assed coward!

As far as the ecological rape of our planet, the worst of this goes on in places where the poor reside. Once again, this is racism at work. Coal companies shave off entire mountain tops to get at veins of coal under the West Virginia highlands. Who lives there? Poor people. They may mainly be white, so what does the privileged class call them? Rednecks. White trash. Shit kickers. Clod hoppers. Ruling class racism at its finest. Chemical factories, power facilities, rendering plants, factory farms, coal ash dumps--these are hideous constructs placed where the least influential live out their lives. If a Chinese firm wants to buy an entire Andes peak and tear it down and turn it into an open-pit mine, then no poor Inca farmer can do shit about it. Don't want to breathe the toxic residue? Then die, Indian.

Yeah, racism totally sucks High Holy ass.

Fuck racism.

The Union Carbide racist asswipe executives are living free and easy in the USA for the crimes against humanity committed in Bhopal India. Why are they allowed to live?

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