Monday, June 22, 2009

Re-Mortimerize Yourself

I've never returned almost directly to a new hiking area after trying one out. Generally, I like to explore a lot and pick out new places to go hiking. But my long weekend in the Curtis Creek area was so much fun that I'm headed back there. It's a great place and I was only able to scratch the surface as far as peak-bagging and viewing waterfalls was concerned. Also, it didn't help that I fell and hurt myself on one of my early hikes.

Kickass mountain peaks.

So Carole and I are going back. We'll probably go tubing in Wilson Creek one day and take it easy and relax as much as possible. I'll take the laptop with me and get some writing in, but probably not as much as I did when I was there alone. I'm currently at work on the new novel, FAMILY, and I'm doing a good job of keeping the words flowing. This will easily be the most productive year of my life as far as fiction writing is concerned.

Great cove hardwood forests.

We've got the trailer just about ready to roll. We've cleaned it up from the last trip and I'll be taking the generator again, since the campground of choice doesn't have hookups. There are some waterfalls I want to hit while we're there and at least one peak is on my list to bag. Unfortunately, we'll only be there for three days, and that's not enough time to really sink my teeth into the maze of trails that are available. I foresee many more trips to Mortimer Campground.

I hope to land one of the campsites in the front part of the campground. We'll see.

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