Friday, June 12, 2009

Leaving Mortimer

My hiking pal, Jack Thyen, had told me that I was really going to enjoy the Mortimer Campground in the Wilson Creek Area of the Pisgah National Forest. He was right.

I spent three days there trying to put the finishing touches on my novel while managing to fall off a waterfall and hurt myself. (Went to my physician yesterday so that he could examine the persistent knot on my upper thigh--it's a severe hematoma and should heal within the next two weeks).

As Jack had warned, I did pretty much fall for the place. It's just a really wonderful spot to camp, and the hiking trails that are nearby are phenomenal. And when I needed peace and quiet to write, it provided me with that, in spades.

So, here are some parting shots of my last few hours at Mortimer Campground last week.

This pool is on Thorpe Creek just a short stroll up from my campsite. You can't see them, but it was full of native brook trout.

The cascade that feeds the trout pool. Ah, my southern Appalachians are so green!

This waterfall was just a few minutes walk from my campsite! So easy even someone on crutches could do it! (Well, maybe...)

I took this one right after I got the trailer hooked up and everything stored away. I was very sad to be leaving this place.

One parting shot as I was leaving the campground. I can't wait to go back!

The Falls on Thorpe Creek.

The Cascades on Thorpe Creek that feed the trout pool.

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