Wednesday, March 09, 2016

YouTube Video

Lately I've been experimenting with my YouTube channel. Originally I just got it as a place to post brief videos I'd shot on various trips so that I could embed the images here on my blog. But some of them began to get a lot of hits just from being on YouTube, and some people had encouraged me to do longer, more details videos and video montages.

So, I started to connect some of the short videos I'd made on various camping, hiking, and backpacking trips. In the past I was always constricted by how much video I could shoot by memory cards and primitive cameras. But now I can quite actually shoot three to four hours of video with the cameras and SD cards they use.

Starting on my next couple of trips I'll be able to generate a healthy amount of video footage to fuel and expand my YouTube presence. Currently I'm engaged in collecting all of the video I shot from my 2012 hiking and backpacking adventures in Colorado, mainly in the Weminuche Wilderness Area, the largest wilderness in the lower 48 of the US. I'll embed them here over the next couple of days.

Hiking in the Mount Sneffels Wilderness.

Acclimation hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park after our arrival in Colorado.

Our last acclimation hikes on our way to Durango.

The excellent train ride from Durango to the trail head.

Our first full day and campsite in the Weminuche.

Second day and night in the San Juans.

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