Thursday, March 03, 2016

New Video

I should have created more of these video productions sooner. I can't say why I haven't. I've had the software to make them for several years (the same one I utilized to make my book trailers). But because I've always been too busy working or mucking about with various projects I just haven't done it. And I find it quite easy to do. Currently I'm not doing much more than trimming videos, fitting them together, working in bleeds, fades, captions, titles and such. But I'm sure I'll get more creative as I learn the ropes.

The thing is, the beauty comes from what I'm recording and not how I'm assembling the video.

Anyway, here are two more.

The Black Mountains. The highest range in the eastern USA.

From a July 2015 trip to Van Hook Glade.

Hawksbill Mountain in Linville Gorge Wilderness.

Video taken in a late September 2008 camping trip.

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