Saturday, March 05, 2016

Yard Sales

Who says you can't still find cool stuff for next to nothing at yard sales? Part of today's haul. All will be heading to ebay in the morning.

Amazing Spider-Man #12. Lower grade...but hell...#12!

#16...lots of tape. Good filler book.

#17--second Green Goblin! Reader copy...but still...#17!

#34! In really nice shape...very good to fine.

The Ace Double with Conan! Hard to find! In great shape!

Before King's Dark Tower books were books, the first one was serialized in this magazine. One of the early chapters here! Lucked out!

And another chapter from King's Dark Tower. Before it was a novel, it was serialized! 
Just part of the day's haul. I'll be posting all of this stuff on ebay. Vacation moolah.

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