Wednesday, March 02, 2016

New Video Type

For a long time I've been meaning to work with the video material that I've been posting on YouTube. Mainly I just post very brief videos of places where I've hiked, preferably with no voice-over and no babbling talk. Mostly videoes from just thirty seconds (sometimes less) to maybe a few minutes in length. But now I have a GoPro which makes shooting POV video very easy; along with audio. So I need to start branching out and creating longer "shows" on YouTube. In fact, I do get requests for longer installments there, so I will begin to comply as I can.

I don't have any trips planned to any of my camping or hiking destinations until later in March. But I decided to try to mess around with creating some off-the-cuff video. One thing that people do ask me from time to time are about my hiking and backpacking equipment. So the first new video I decided to create was a brief bit about the basics that I take with me when I go backpacking. I just winged it. Off the cuff as I went through the stuff with no script. Those of you who didn't know before now will discover that I have a very strong southern accent.

The first one I posted today. If I can find the time I'll add a Part Two in a day or so.

First of two videos featuring my base-line equipment.

In Colorado. Backpack loaded. Taking a break along the trail. My fellow adventurer Bob Johnson conked out alongside me. The creek sang us to sleep.

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