Tuesday, September 08, 2015


Over the next couple of days I'll post some of the better photos we were able to take of the views both heading toward Glacier NP and while we were in the Park. It wasn't all choking ash and smoke. We had about three good days of clear skies with no smog. During that time I must have taken well over a thousand photos. I kept looking around and with every change in direction I found a new subject of mountain and horizon.

This was our campsite on Pray Lake. We were positioned on a pull-through site just a few steps from the rest room. The campground had a number of these nice rest rooms.

So, on our way...

I keep saying that there's something magical about the skies in Wyoming and Montana (when they're not packed with fire smoke).

A closeup view of the rock on the walls of Devils Tower.

I took this soon after we had set up camp. The smoke wasn't too bad at this point. And later a cold front pushed through, bringing rain and consistent winds that extinguished the local fires and knocked out the smoke clouds from Idaho and Washington.

This is an unusual waterfall that appears (and actually is) coming through a pierced rock wall. In earlier summer the water flow is sufficient that it also drops down over the top.

Early morning sight after the rains.

Rising Wolf Mountain just behind us.

And the view across Pray Lake as it's meant to be seen.

What a great view at the breakfast table!

I couldn't get enough photos of that view on the lake.

Early morning on Pray Lake.

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