Thursday, September 24, 2015

Light Hearted Fun

One of my favorite musicians from my youth was Nick Lowe. Among the many reasons that I liked him was that he had a kind of jaded attitude toward pop music, even though he created the same kind of material. He was sharp enough that he could make light of it in such a way that he could produce mocking, but brilliant pop music. Even while laughing at it and throwing confetti he managed to create amusing tunes.

One target of his inspired irony was the old flash-in-the-pan pop band, Bay City Rollers. Somehow, and for reasons that aren't quite clear to me, Lowe managed to fashion two excellent songs that poked good-natured ribbing at the Rollers, while at the same time crafting a pair of songs that are a lot of fun to hear.

Lowe seems to have left pop music far behind in his later years, these days crafting a much more introspective kind of art. I still tend to follow his career.

Good ol' Nick Lowe.

From his amazing album, PURE POP FOR NOW PEOPLE. I don't think there's a tune on this album that is disappointing.

The earlier "Bay City Rollers, We Love You" which perfectly captures the treacly sound (and attitude) of bubblegum pop.

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