Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rain and Cold

When we first arrived at Glacier National Park it was to a place that was obscured by a hideous pall of smoke and haze. There were forest fires blazing all around at various point within the Park and all around the Park and in vast conflagrations in states to the west of Montana (Idaho and Washington). Thus, the route we took to the Park to take advantage of the scenery (viewing the Rocky Mountain Front) was instead just an interminable drive through smog.

When we got to the Park and set up camp we quickly learned that we couldn't put up the awning on the trailer because the winds were blowing so fiercely. At first, the winds were just swirling the smoke around and making the hot air blow dust and dirt everywhere. However, as the daylight faded and the day wound down, the weather began to change. It got progressively cooler, and thick rain clouds rolled in...and by the time the night came on, it rained, and rained hard.

In the morning the sun came out and the low clouds lifted from around us...and we saw the peaks as we had hoped to see them all along.

The look of the Park when we first arrived. We wuz robbed!

By morning, the cold front had passed through after having dumped much rain on us. I awoke to find clouds shrouding the mountains and I waited for them to lift.

Oh, my.

As they are meant to be seen.

Across Two Medicine Lake.

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