Thursday, September 17, 2015

Iceberg Lake Hike, Part II

In looking back, the walk to Iceberg Lake was probably the best one we took in the Park. This is because it was the day that was least obscured by fire smoke after the initial day of clearing. Also, it was also the day that we saw the most big animals in Glacier. The huge herd of Bighorn sheep amounted to quite a lot of poundage of wild critters.

Carole also enjoyed the walk quite a lot. I  had a hard time getting her to leave the shores of Iceberg Lake. Since it's a very popular hike in Glacier, there were a fair number of people there, but no so many that we ever felt crowded out. You could still find a nice, quiet spot to take it easy and not hear other voices. Subtracting, of course, those brave (or foolhardy) folk who had taken the opportunity to go swimming in the lake just as we arrived.

Also, we did see a couple of the signature icebergs still on the lake at that late date. While the biggest of the icebergs didn't seem that large, keep in mind that most of the ice mass in beneath the surface. So it very well could have been a respectable chunk of ice floating around out there.

I'm pretty sure this summit is called Iceberg Peak.

We were getting close enough to be completely awed by the giant walls of rock that make up the glacial cirque where Iceberg Lake is perched.

This was the lower lake. There are signs informing you that it is a protected area and off limits. For this reason, the vegetation leading down to the shores is pretty much intact and free of foot trails.

Finally, we arrive at Iceberg Lake. It was, indeed, as beautiful as we had been told.

This little fellow showed up to beg.

Walking down to the shore, we saw the clarity of the water.

The larger of the two remaining icebergs in the lake.

Looking back into the cirque as we took our leave.

Carole and Sharon. Carole really wanted to stay longer.

View as we descended the trail back to Many Glacier.

Trailside wildflower on the way out.

On the way back down.

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