Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sharing the Trail with a Critter

I took this on what I call "The Sick Hike" when I was hunting for the Sag Branch Poplar tree and in the middle of the hike I was suddenly hit with the flu. I've recounted it before (several times). It was a completely miserable experience. However, the forests of Cataloochee were particularly gorgeous that day, and the views from the overlooks were spectacular. I was just far too sick to enjoy them.

Early in the hike--before I got sick--I noticed that a coyote was also using the trail. No one else was in this part of the Park that cold, snowy morning. My tracks were the only ones...except for those being made by a wandering coyote.

Mr. Coyote was sharing the trail with me.

This was still early on in the elk restoration days.

A last view as I drove home with a high fever.

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