Thursday, June 25, 2015

Waterfall Videos

Just some random videos I've shot at various waterfalls.

In Hanging Rock State Park, North Carolina.

Camp Creek Falls in a state park in WV named for the creek.

Buckeye Falls, near Old Fort, NC.

On the Cumberland Plateau of Tennessee. This appears suddenly from a cave, plummets over a cliff, and vanishes into the rocks at the bottom of a sinkhole without so much as a single pool of water to mark its way.

A few minutes after I took this video, I dropped my camera into the creek and it plunged over the waterfall and fell more than 40 feet straight down. I was able to retrieve the camera, and even though it wasn't water resistant, I was able to dry it out and use it for almost two more years.

A 75-foot waterfall, and it's in Florida. The highest in a state not known for having waterfalls.

Crabtree Falls, One of North Carolina's most well-known waterfalls.

Cullasaja Falls, Highlands NC.

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