Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The White Squirrels

When we first read up on the Ochlockonee River State Park there was a lot of information about the park's "white squirrels". A genetic anomaly that has ended with a fair number of Gray squirrels in the park being white, or nearly white. They are not albino...just white-furred.

At first we wondered if we would see any. Even though it's the park's mascot animal, some might not show. We've had that happen before. But soon enough, they did make their appearance. And soon after that the squirrels of Ochlockonee became a pain in the ass.

Like some of the raccoons we have encountered, they have no fear of, nor respect for humans. They are veteran panhandlers and opportunists who were bedeviling us before we knew it. We saw not one raccoon the entire time we were at that park, and I wonder if it's because the damned squirrels are filling the niche between humans and thieving critters that the bandit-faced mammals normally occupy.

As it was, we got plenty of photos of the park's white squirrels, and more than enough of unwanted encounters with them.

They were pretty much everywhere there were hardwood trees.

Interesting and fun to spot.

And of course they were curious about us.

"Make a sound like a potato chip," the ranger said.
We had locked up extra food in the back of the truck, and they searched all over the vehicle for a way into the camper shell. They were relentless.
And this was where they dogged us constantly for several days.
Cute? Looks can be deceiving.

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