Friday, June 12, 2015


My latest pick up for my comic collection. This one's great for several reasons. It fills a gap in my run of Strange Tales, it's a Jack Kirby book, and it also has a Steve Ditko story! So I'll go through this one and pretend I'm an eight-year-old kid again, discovering the world of comics created by Kirby and Ditko! This copy is nice. It has some classic 'Marvel chipping', but is otherwise in decent shape. Marvel books during this period were notorious for having low-quality cover stock that is susceptible to chipping along the leading edges. I can live with it.

My copy of STRANGE TALES #103.


Kirk Greenfield said...

it's funny that Johnny never goes back to date any of these princesses that he meets...

Hey, when you die, can I have your comic collection? Please?

James Robert Smith said...

Johnny Storm really got around in those days! I don't know if it was Kirby's idea to try to turn the Torch into a romantic teenaged figure, or if he was being prodded to do it by Martin Goodman.

I'm probably going to sell off my collection at some point. You can't take it with you, as they say.