Monday, June 15, 2015


On our upcoming trip to Glacier National Park, I am very much hoping to see several North American animals that I have never seen in the wild. Between trips to Colorado and Wyoming I was lucky enough to spot several animals I had never seen before, including the Moose, Bighorn sheep, Pronghorn, Coyote, Mule deer, Marmot, and Grizzly bear.

The ones that I am very much wanting to spot and photograph on this trip are Mountain lion, Mountain goat, Timber wolf, Badger, Porcupine, Wolverine, and Lynx. Badgers and porcupines are not rare, but I've never been able to spot one, even though I've hiked and backpacked where they were likely present. With any luck at all I should be able to witness at least some of these animals in their natural habitat.

Among this group, I really do not expect to see some of them. People search for years without ever seeing wolverines, mountain lions, or the Canada lynx. But I could get lucky. Wolves are also notoriously private creatures, but I've heard they're easier to spot in Glacier than in other National Parks. I'm looking forward to finding out.

(None of these photos were taken by me and all were found on stock footage sites.)



Mountain goat.


Timber wolf.

Canada lynx.

Mountain lion.

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