Monday, June 08, 2015

Eek! A, wait. It's a dolphin.

Even when Carole and I do traditional stuff in Florida like sitting on the beach, we don't go to your regular beaches. Instead, we find out of the way beach areas where there are generally either no other people, or less than a dozen folk to share a mile or so of dunes and shore.

One day we went to a place called Bald Point. While we were sitting in the sand I noticed the mullet were jumping and seemed agitated. This is always a sure sign of some predator in the water. "Keep your eyes open for a shark or a dolphin or a pilot whale," I said to Carole.

Sure enough, we soon saw a dorsal fin cutting the water as a predator chased the mullet. I tried my best to get a photo of it, but managed only one, blurry shot. It was a dolphin.

(Look to the right in the photo.)

After about 20 attempts I catch one blurry image of the hunting dolphin.

Cropped photo of the dorsal fin.

Looking back toward Carole and hordes of humans on the beach.

A gull checks us out.

"The humans have not detected me!"

Large flocks of Brown pelicans periodically passed over the beach.
Carole endures the crowds.

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