Friday, April 03, 2015


Once again...just a brief post today.

Since we're headed to Florida on our first big vacation in 2015 I was looking at some photos from our trip there in 2013. We always hit the big first magnitude springs and the waterways that form from those sources of fresh water. One of the best ones is Silver Spring and the Silver River that flows out of it.

Along the protected shores of that river are populations of rhesus monkeys, ancestors of monkeys that were released to add an essence of the exotic to the area where a promoter operated river trips. The monkeys thrived and number (apparently) in the hundreds today. If you're lucky, you will see some of them as you canoe or kayak or boat down the swift current of the Silver River.

A typical view along the crystal clear water of the Silver River.

An adult who seemed to be watching over a female who had a brand new infant--a baby so tiny that it would fit in your hand. I tried to get a photo of the new mother with her child but couldn't get a good angle.

These youngsters were fun to watch.

Another one of the kids.

Just sittin' and checkin' things out.

Life on the otherwise idyllic river is not all safety. This fellow was lying in wait amidst the cover just below where the monkeys were going about their routine.

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