Thursday, April 02, 2015

Dreaming of the Mountains

Some years I have to endure long weeks that stretch into months during which I cannot find my way to the mountains to seek some peace and solitude. This year has been like that because I chose to preserve most of my annual leave for a month-long trip to Montana from August into September.

This has meant that I've had to stay close to home and have not been able to head into the high country. The problem with the city in which I make my living is that it is not convenient for trips to the mountains. The nearest area that I can reach that allows me access to good trails is roughly two hours of driving. So if I choose to take a day-trip I am faced with a minimum of four hours of driving, and I am not a big fan of driving. I find that I face so much stress on the drive to and from the mountains that the good effects of the forests and hills are cancelled by the chore of access.

But next week I have a rare four-day weekend and we have reserved a campsite in the Pisgah National Forest. So we'll be hooking up the newly refurbished Casita trailer for a trip to a nice, forested campsite where we'll be able to relax and I can do some hiking and play with the cameras and the new GoPro video again.

This isn't where we're headed, but similar. This is actually Hurricane Campground in southwest Virginia. We long ago decided that this was our second-favorite campsite of all time. We plan to return there someday.

Our setup that week at Hurricane.

I'll find a nice trail and hike into the deep forests toward a lofty summit. 

And find some peace and quiet...maybe up in the clouds.


Vicki said...

Enjoy your break. Wishing you lots of peace and solitude.

James Robert Smith said...
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James Robert Smith said...

Thanks. I need some relief from the stress of city living.