Monday, April 13, 2015

My first novel, THE FLOCK.

I've read a small flurry of terror-bird news lately, most importantly the discovery of a 90% complete skeleton of a South American species of Phorusrhachos. This one was not quite the monster of some of the members of that august family of top predators, but it still would have been quite the impressive sight moving through the forest or across a grassy plain.

So it's a good opportunity to remind readers of my first novel, THE FLOCK.

You can buy it from your favorite bookseller, online from Barnes & Noble or Amazon or any of a host of other such enterprises. You can also purchase it in ebook format!

THE FLOCK...quite that adventure yarn, I have to say!

Relative size of human, ostrich, Kelenken guillermoi, the largest known terror bird (also owner of the largest known bird skull).

THE FLOCK by James Robert Smith.


dogboy443 said...

We need the sequel...The Clan! Going to crack open my copy of The Flock and read it over the next couple of days.

James Robert Smith said...

The sequel will find its way to print this year, I think.

dogboy443 said...

Through Tor or somewhere else? ANy word on the movie progression?

James Robert Smith said...

Somewhere else, not Tor.

No peeps on the movie front for a long, long time. I despair.