Sunday, June 08, 2014

Wherever you go...

The Outer Banks are, of course, part of the South. So it's to be expected, I suppose, that you would run into right wing assholes. We stayed most of the time on the southern portion of the Outer Banks. That section is far less developed than the northern half. This is mainly because Hatteras Island and Ocracoke Island have a huge percentage of National Park-protected acreage. Thus, there's no opportunity to overbuild and create a morass of buildings, shopping centers, and parking lots.

In addition, this has made some people unable to (in their eyes) profit from exploiting the land. They feel that their own position would be greatly improved if they could level the forests and carve down the dunes and put gas stations and condo units and retail shops in their places. I kept seeing signs excoriating the National Park Service and the Audobon Society for having the temerity to preserve the best about the Outer Banks.

Asshole right wing dinks. They're everywhere. Fortunately, they don't always win the debate.

Trail. Pea Island Wildlife Refuge.

Freshwater marsh, Bodie Island Preserve.

Large snapping turtle. Pea Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Buxton Woods. The right wing dinks seem to especially hate this spot, because its protection kept many buildings from being built atop the forests and dunes and marshes.

Trail in Buxton Woods.

Dune field, Cape Hatteras National Seashore.


Unknown said...

Beautiful place. Our family has a house there.

James Robert Smith said...


Vicki said...

"Asshole right wing dinks. They're everywhere. Fortunately, they don't always win the debate."

The trees in the top pic look tortured. Maybe it's the thought of contending with those right wing dinks. :)

Thank goodness they don't always win: UNESCO rejects 'feeble' Abbott government bid to wind back protection of Tasmanian forests

James Robert Smith said...

Coastal trees at the whim of the prevailing winds (which are fierce).