Thursday, June 19, 2014


I picked up a copy of STRANGE TALES #120. This is another title that I've been actively pursuing for a few years. I haven't managed to build up a big collection of them, but I have been chipping away at it. I want all of the pre-hero issues that feature art by Kirby and Ditko, of course. But I also want the issues that feature Dr. Strange stories during Steve Ditko's run on the title. I don't want any of the issues featuring Dr. Strange written by anyone other than Steve Ditko.

A lot of the Human Torch stories in STRANGE TALES were written by Dick Ayers. He was not my favorite writer and some of his stories just weren't very well written. I had forgotten that this issue features a story written and illustrated by Jack Kirby. I think Kirby did this one because he wanted to do a cross-over tale with his new creation, the X-Men. In this story he does a team-up yarn with the Human Torch and Ice Man, which is a natural! The characters worked well together in the story. Another fine bit for me is that, while the rest of the team isn't in the issue very much, the rest of the Fantastic Four does make an appearance and there is some good interaction between Johnny Storm and his teammates.

My copy of STRANGE TALES #120. Great cover!

The establishing shot is right out of the pages of THE FANTASTIC FOUR!

The way Ditko opens this book you almost get the impression that he's written a story that merely has Dr. Strange as a narrating device. Very reminiscent of Ditko's weird stories for the title before the superheroes took over.

I love Ditko's comic pages! He did wonders within the otherwise pedestrian grids that he set up to tell his stories!

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Kirk G said...

You may be right about Kirby writing this straight forward tale, but it is so shallow, so limited... clearly, just a pairing of fire and ice. Even the villain never is heard of again! Very forgetable in my book. You might do better to just pick up a $3.00 copy of the Essential Human Torch B&W and be done with it...