Sunday, June 15, 2014

Next Vacation

Carole and I will be celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary this weekend. We'll be taking a trip to a lodge in the NC mountains where we've wanted to stay for some time. I hope it's cool up there above 5,000 feet!

Plus, we're planning our next mountain vacation. We've settled on a spot in Virginia where we've also never been. But we have to get the trailer ready for the trip. Two of the unfortunate things that happened on the latest trip (Outer Banks) is that a leak developed between the water heater and the onboard water tank. It's apparently an easy fix for an expert, but far beyond my ability to repair. It's not a problem for us if we have city water hookups since the leak is only between the onboard water tank and the water heater. But we need to have it fixed ASAP because we like to use out of the way campgrounds that don't have water hookups.

Second, those notorious winds at the Outer Banks tore off our canopy on the trailer and utterly destroyed it. I had to trash the entire unit. Replacing it will cost me somewhere between $700 and $800. Sad, but true.

So...there are mountains in our vacation future.

The wind utterly destroyed our canopy.

Feels weird to see the Casita without its awning.
High country, we're on the way!

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