Monday, June 23, 2014

Library Score!

I enjoy going to see what the local libraries have for sale in their used books, used CD, used DVD sections. I can often locate something cool to purchase when I venture in to see what I can locate. Sometimes I'll get lucky and find a collectible, such as I did when I found a first edition copy of the biography of Walt Disney written by his daughter. In dust jacket. In excellent condition. I bought that one for fifty cents and sold it for over $700 on Ebay. Not bad.

Today I nabbed some good DVDs. I'll be burning some time watching films, now.

I liked the American version of the first chapter. So when I saw the Swedish versions of the next two book adaptations I glommed onto them.

I had SHOWTIME for free for a few years and enjoyed the Dexter show. But when they took away the freebie offer I just couldn't justify paying all that money to watch one series and a couple of films per month. So I never saw any of the episodes after the third season.

This was the best score of the day, though. Criterion disk  of THE WAGES OF FEAR. A classic. One of those movies that is flawless. This is the movie that spawned SORCERER in a remake that proved to be every bit as powerful as the source movie, which shows the power of the original script and theme.

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