Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Carole and I had a 30th wedding anniversary dinner at a restaurant in Asheville. I really like the town. There's always something cool and interesting going on downtown. I wouldn't mind living there.

Tupelo Honey where we had dinner.

The Mast General Store. We always stop and shop if there's one of these nearby. There are only a half dozen of them, I think.

Part of downtown. They're renovating a very interesting building there. I don't know what it is.
Detail of the building.

Bagpipers were at work.
These kids were jamming in front of the arm museum.
Lots of performance artists all around the streets.
Detail of the very pretty girl.
Marker noting the artistic merit of the old S &W Cafeteria building.

And the building. I couldn't get a better photo without crossing the street.
Another view of the square. Not sure who the obelisk was built to honor, but some local dude. There was a craft fair going on around it.


Vicki said...

Great pics. I especially like the detail one of the girl.

James Robert Smith said...

Yeah, she has a great face! Very pretty.