Tuesday, May 27, 2014

On Hatteras Island

Our final camping destination was on Hatteras Island. We had chosen a private campground near Buxton as your spot to remain for the rest of our vacation. It was rather far down the chain of barrier islands, but was at the less developed part of the Outer Banks. As it turned out, it was a very good choice, as we very much did not care for the northern parts of the Outer Banks where building is out of control and the subsequent traffic and crowds make it almost impossible to have a good time.

Frisco Woods is an old-fashioned campground that has a lot of trees and grass with only part of the facility set up as a more modern business to which I like to refer as "parking lots". We set up our trailer in a grassy campsite with electric and water hookups. They do have sites with sewer hookups, but they're much more expensive and and offer no shade, being out in the open.

Overall, we did enjoy the Frisco Woods Campground, but the owner is a taciturn sort and was not the friendliest guy I'd ever encountered. Not a good trait if you're in the business of dealing with the public on a daily basis. But maybe that's why he was severe. His manner did prove out to be helpful when some college kids arrived in the campground and caused some trouble for some other campers--the guy descended on them like a shrike and put them in their places, after which they were practically Eagle Scouts.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse is completely surrounded and closed in by private property. But one of those properties has some kickass beautiful trees in the yard. Here was a particularly attractive live oak.

And this gnarled, old cedar tree was also beautiful.

We stopped at a National Seashore administered beach on the way to the second (and last) ferry ride. This is a renourished dune that had been washed away in a storm. Full of crushed road debris.

Our rig at the beach parking lot. We stopped just to see what an Outer Banks beach looks like.

Our stuff packed in like a couple of sardines in the last ferry.

We pass another loaded ferry on the way over.

Our campsite as Frisco Woods. At last!

Finally, we could relax. Note the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse beyond the dunes!

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