Sunday, May 18, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Well, we're home. The drive back was a very long, so we're bushed.

We enjoyed the Outer Banks. Why did I wait so long to experience it? Well..."the mountains" is the answer to that one.

Briefly, I enjoyed the southern part of the Outer Banks far more than I did the northern half. When you get to Nags Head the development is just too severe. Too many houses, too much traffic, too many people.

I'll post details in the coming days.

Queuing for the ferry ride to Ocracoke Island.

Looking down on the truck and Casita from the viewing platform on the ferry deck. Cost to ride the ferry for our rig was only $30.

Carole enjoying the view and the nice breeze on the upper deck.

The Ocracoke Lighthouse on Ocracoke Island. The village there is not RV-friendly, so we basically had to dash through and head to the other end of the island to catch the next ferry to Hatteras Island where our camping reservations were. Maybe we'll go back to Ocracoke some day without an RV to try to park.

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