Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cedar Point

Our first campground on the trip was Cedar Point in the Croatan National Forest. It's not on the Outer Banks, but was a good place for us to stop for a couple of days before catching the ferry over to Ocracoke. This is a National Forest facility and, as usual, is very well run. Our National Parks and National Forests are the finest things ever created by our government. Hands down. All of that wonderful recreation to be had for a very low fee that helps to keep everything in good shape. I can't say enough good things about our Parks and Forests.

Cedar Point has power hookups for trailers and RVs, but not water hookups. It does provide a very beautiful bathhouse with flush toilets, sinks, and hot showers. So even if you don't have an onboard water system in your trailer, you can still take hot showers to wash off the sand and grit from the trips to the beach!

There is a lot to do and see in the vicinity of the campground. Nearby is a very nice state park (Hammocks Beach) and the commercialized Emerald Isle where you can find beach access just to go swimming or picnicking or surf fishing. In addition, Cedar Point offers access to the nearby marshes, creeks, and bay for kayaking and fishing. Plus, there are some good hiking trails.

Each campsite is paved and offers lots of room.

Here we were, all set up and ready to relax.

The "bedroom"! Set up for movies. We watched several films in the evenings when we returned from exploring, swimming, and kayaking.

Part of the Cedar Point Tideland Trail. About one mile in length. Very beautiful and right at the edge of the campground.

Sometimes I forget how beautiful the marshes can be.

On the trail as the sun was beginning to set.

Carole fires up the coals for dinner!

Carole is the best campground cook around! This meal was cooked all in foil!
On the Cedar Point Tideland Trail.

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