Monday, May 26, 2014

Ferry Ride!

After three days at the Cedar Point Campground we pulled up stakes and headed toward Cedar Island where we would catch the ferry over to Ocracoke Island. The two places (Cedar Point and Cedar Island) are in no way related--the names are just similar.

The State operates a number of large ferries to take people from the mainland over to Ocracoke Island. Ocracoke is a nice enough place and I'm sure it has a lot to offer, but because space is so limited there, we were unable to find a spot to park our truck and trailer to explore. So we made a quick visit once we were across the water and then headed directly north to take the free ferry that connects Ocracoke to Hatteras Island.

The ferry ride from Cedar Point to Ocracoke for our rig (truck and travel trailer) was only $30. I suppose part of the fee must be covered by state funds. The ferry we rode on was very nice and provided two air conditioned passenger cabins and a rooftop sitting area for those who just wanted to enjoy the fresh air.

The ride takes roughly two hours to get to Ocracoke. Then, once on the island there is another one-hour ferry ride to gain access to Cape Hatteras if you're headed north. So we spent a full three hours on ferries that day. The second leg was actually tiresome, as the novelty of riding the first ferry had pretty much worn off.

Nice little sign outside the Cedar Island visitor's center.

Our truck and Casita waiting in line at the ferry.

Carole, on board, waiting for departure.

Inside one of the passenger cabins.

I had been in the passenger cabin waiting for us to leave. So smooth was the departure that I didn't even know that we were underway until I walked out on deck! And I missed the dolphins tracking alongside the ship!


Looking down on our stuff from the deck above.

After a two-hour ride we arrive at Ocracoke Island!

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