Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Kite Boarding!

I'd heard of kite boarding. And I've seen video of people engaging in the sport. But I had no idea how popular it was on the Outer Banks. I guess it seems logical. You have a surfboard that is powered by a huge kite instead of wave power or a motor boat. And, since the Outer Banks have almost constant high winds, the place is just a kite boarding paradise.

Indeed...sometimes the low skies looked to have been invaded by giant bats! There were often dozens of folk out there on the water with their kites and boards.

So. Here are some images of a day we took to go see museums and parks and, along the way, saw many happy people kite boarding.

I focused in on six people kite boarding at this location. There were actually about two dozen in this one spot. (This was on the Pamlico Sound side of Hatteras, and not the Atlantic.)

The kites are well designed and really pretty.

Let's go surfin' now!

Full wind!

And the regular surfers just sat there waiting for the waves. That mainly didn't arrive.

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