Friday, June 29, 2012

Short Story Collection

Many years ago there was going to be a collection of my short stories. The publisher who initiated the project turned out to be a flake and never went to press. So I pulled the book from his outfit and shopped it elsewhere.

Over the years it was picked up by one small press or another, every one of whom went out of business before the book could see the light of day.

This is a low-grade file of what was to have been the cover for A CONFEDERACY OF HORRORS. It was done by the late Harry Fassl. He had also done a number of interior illustrations for the book. I still miss Harry.

This year has been a busy one for possible publication. In the past twelve months three different outfits have expressed interest, but remain silent on final word. I'd really like to see the book come out. Perhaps 2012 will see an actual contract for the collection arrive in the mail.

Stay tuned....

Some of the interiors that Harry had completed.

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