Friday, June 01, 2012

Conventions and Poor Souls

I'm at the ConCarolina today through Saturday evening.

My agent has informed me that Tor Books has finally scheduled THE CLAN. The sequel to THE FLOCK will be appearing in September of 2013. It'll be good to see it in print.

Once again I was reminded of the self-publishing world while checking in at the convention this morning. I met some self-published writers. One had quit his day job because he was making so much money from the self-published ebooks. Now his sales have slumped and he's worried about paying bills.

Another one I met today seems to be doing fine. He publishes a short story per month, selling them for .99 cents each. Then when he has four of them published he rolls them into a mini-anthology and sells that for $2.99. He says it's working for him enough that he quit his day job. Oy.

So many seem to be doing this right now. The flood of shit is overwhelming, though. I hate to think I'll be reduced to following suit as a self-publisher. It could happen, I suppose.

"I quit m' day job. 'Cause I was a-makin' so much from self-publishin'. Now I cain't pay m' bills! Whut happened?"

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