Thursday, June 21, 2012

Kirby Monsters Hate Row Boats!

I'm very busy working on a novel today, so no time for any kind of an essay. So for now here's the cover to TALES TO ASTONISH #11. This one is a really cool comic book for me, because it has so many of the Silver Age art for which I collect comics from this era. Cover by Jack Kirby. First story by Kirby, of course, which is the cover feature. But also included is a nifty Don Heck yarn, another Kirby story, and a superlative effort from Steve Ditko.

The nice thing about the second Kirby story is that it was inked by Ditko, so I get a two-fer on this one. I always liked the results when Ditko inked Kirby. Ditko was one of those artists whose inks could totally overpower the pencil artist, but of course Kirby was almost impossible for any inker to bury. In fact, the only time I ever noticed Ditko's ink tending to overpower Kirby's pencils was for FANTASTIC FOUR #13, and I suspect that Kirby probably turned in very rough and basic pencils for that one, leaving Ditko a lot of space to reinterpret the action.

I'll try to post some interior photos tomorrow.

TALES TO ASTONISH #11. Kirby monster capsizes another row boat!

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