Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Walk in the Park

 I went for a short walk in a nearby park today. I wanted to take photos of the birds, and there were plenty of birds there, but far too many humans. Every time I got ready to take some shots of one bird or another, some one or some crowd would go blundering past and ruin the shot.

So I got out the new macro lens and mucked about with that for a while. But my heart wasn't into taking photos of flowers today so I packed up my camera and journeyed back to the house. I have a novel that I need to finish anyway.

Pathway at Freedom Park.

 Small yellow flower

 Good ol' honeysuckle.

 I have no idea what these are, but they were flipping everywhere I looked.

 Another little yellow blossom. Flowers must like yellow. Or bees do, anyway.


Jack said...

The first yellow one turned out pretty good! Getting good focus is the hardest part about macro photography. Here are a few tips:
1. Tri-Pod
2. Calm day (it's hopeless if the wind is blowing)
3. Manual Focus

HemlockMan said...

Thanks for the advice! I had the tripod, but as I said the crowds were really getting on my nerves. I'm pretty sure I used manual focus on that one instead of the AF setting. And, yeah, it was windy. I got lucky with that first one...the rest are out of focus.