Monday, May 21, 2012

The Biggest Waterfall...

The biggest waterfall I've ever seen. In Yellowstone National Park on the Yellowstone River. I know that there are bigger waterfalls, but this is the most powerful I've ever witnessed. It was actually frightening to stand near it and feel the thunder of the falling water.

There was a viewing platform above the falls on the opposite side of the river from where I was standing.

In this close-up shot you can see people on the platform, which gives you an idea of scale.
Everything about this waterfall is fantastic. I look forward to returning to the Park.


Edward Forrest Frank said...

JRS, I looks like you climbed down the long steps to view the waterfall from downstream and below. I was there during the evening. A notch of deep water cuts the lip of the waterfall on the left side. The sunlight shone through it giving it a brilliant emerald green color. Beautiful.

HemlockMan said...

Yep! I really liked that staircase. Fantastic engineering! Only two other people were on it and they passed me leaving as I descended. Had the darned thing to myself!