Friday, May 11, 2012

A Secluded Beach

Sometimes you have to wonder about the answers.

A couple of years ago Carole and I ended up driving to a very secluded spot on the Gulf Coast in Florida called Shired Island Beach. The whole area was very strange and beautiful. Miles and miles and miles from any major town, there is only one small village nearby and to get to it from Shired Island Beach you have to drive a long and circuitous route. As the crow flies, it's not that far, but you cannot see or hear it from the beach area. Even in a direct line it's several miles away.

The county there operates a bit of a park/campground at the beach. There are shelters at the campsites with picnic tables and even hookups for your RVs. We kept wondering why very few people were using the facilities. It seemed like it should be more popular.

It was only later, after researching the place on the Internet, that I learned that the water there is considered unfit for recreation. Apparently the area is quite contaminated, mainly with human fecal matter and the accompanying microorganisms that one would expect.

Gone are our plans to some day take the Casita to the campground to enjoy a couple of days. Unless, of course, the cause of the contamination is found and fixed.

I ain't gonna hold my breath waiting for that to happen.

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