Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Some Wildlfowers

I don't know much about wildflowers. Almost nothing. But I often take photographs of them when I'm hiking. Here are a few I saw on my way to see the big cottonwood tree in Boone's Cave Park. I can't ID any of them, so if you know, post here.

Very small. These blossoms were on a stalk about a foot high.

These delicate blossoms were on a plant growing out of a spray of moss.

This one was pretty much alone in the sun beside the trail.

This was another very tiny flower that grew in bunches close to the ground.


MarkGelbart said...

The first flower is either some kind of aster or a violet. It greatly resembles the latter, but I didn't know violets could grow that tall, so I'm not sure.

The third one is easy--it's a field daisy.

The other 2 have me stumped, even with a field guide in hand.

HemlockMan said...


I have pals online who are wildflower freaks and know everything. They just haven't spoken up.