Sunday, March 18, 2012


I don't think I've ever been this tired in my life. I had to pass up a hiking trip so that I could actually spend Sunday as a day of rest. Also, Carole is sick with the flu so I'd have had to stay home anyway to help her out.

Just a quick photo post today. I'm not even going to work on a novel.

This is one of my favorite photos I ever took. I took it, I think, in 2005. I was hiking in Hanging Rock State Park here in North Carolina. I was exploring the base of a waterfall in the park and wandered into a kind of grotto at the foot of the falls. Looking up on the wall of the grotto I spotted this nest. I'm fairly sure it's a hummingbird nest, because they're the only birds I've ever seen who use lichens in nest construction. There was one egg in the nest. I took this photo and quickly faded away to keep from alarming a parent if it returned.

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