Thursday, March 15, 2012

Falling Water

A bit back I posted about one of the coolest waterfalls I have ever seen: Virgin Falls in Tennessee. It's a waterfall that appears out of a cave, then plunges into a sinkhole and vanishes forever.

A lot of folk don't know that Florida actually has waterfalls. It's not a state known for having the vertical relief necessary to create a waterfall. But there are some there. The highest in the state can be seen at Falling Waters State Park. The waterfall there is, they say, a bit over 70 feet in height, which is impressive. I'll take their word for the height.

Zoom! Over the edge, Alice! Over the edge!

Basically, it's a lot like Virgin Falls, in that it flows into a sinkhole and vanishes into the earth. The day we were there was during a drought and the flow was not very impressive. I've heard that it's a much more exciting sight when you can view it during times of normal rainfall.

I wonder if there are any fossils down there.

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