Saturday, October 01, 2011

Where We're Headed for Vacation:

I took all of the following photos in West Virginia in 2004 when we visited the area around Helvetia, WV. We had a wonderful time there and have decided that we want to return there for another shot at seeing some of the stuff we missed, plus seeing again some of the spots we loved so much the first time we were there.

A lot of places we visit we get enough of them so that we don't want to go back after one visit. But there are a few spots we see where we feel like we have to return. This part of West Virginia is one of them. The first time we went I didn't get a chance to climb some of the mountains I wanted to hit, plus we missed a few parks that were in the area, along with some places like a sugar maple farm and a cheese store that was high on our list to visit.

We found this haunted house by accident while joyriding on a lonely gravel road on top of a high mountain. We want to go back and see if it's still there.

A super-cool waterfall called Shupe's Chute in Holly River State Park. I'll be hitting this place with the new camera to get some high-quality photographs.

The Falls on the North Fork of the Holly River.

This was beside our campground at Holly River State Park in early June of 2004. The creek was way up due to heavy rainfall. It rained virtually the entire time we were there. I'm hoping for more mild weather this time.

A footbridge in the village of Helvetia, West Virginia.

Library and other buildings in Helvetia.

Along the river in Audra State Park.

A peaceful swimming hole in Kubrabow State Forest.

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