Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fill In

Another brief fill-in rather than a full blog. Sorry. I have to rest, plus I'm finishing up an interview with a reporter tonight.

When I was in West Virginia, Carole and I went to check out some National Forest spots that we'd spotted on Forest maps. One of them was called Locust Spring Recreation Area. It consisted of a very nice picnic area, a couple of rustic campsites, a vault toilet, and a number of trail heads.

While we were having lunch there I went for a stroll around the area. Quite literally, you can walk a hundred yards from the picnic area and you're across the Virginia border.

At any rate, it was very windy and I looked up as I was strolling and saw a pair of deer. They had not seen me, so I quietly switched to my telephoto lens and slowly did my best to sneak up on them. The wind was in my favor so I was able to get pretty close by keeping trees between me and the deer to break up my figure.

I have to say, it was fun to sneak up on them. Especially as I had no intention of killing them.

The lead doe finally notices me. She froze, then gave out with a very loud snort!

And with a "kiss my ass", they were gone.

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