Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Brilliant Fall Colors

As soon as we arrived at our first campsite in Kumbrabow State Forest Carole and I realized that we'd hit the Fall colors at their utmost peak. And we lucked out even more than that. It was also obvious to us that these were the most brilliant colors that Autumn had delivered to our eyes in decades. I can't recall colors so bright and pleasing since the year after I graduated from high school. It was magic.

Here, then, are some of Mother Nature's sleights of hand:
From the Raven Rocks overlook.

On the road through Kumbrabow State Forest.

Another view from Raven Rocks.

On one of the high trails through the park. I was closing in on the 4,000-foot mark when I looked up and snapped this shot.

This bit of beauty was located at the remains of the old CCC camp that housed the men who put this park together.

One rainy day we drove into the high peaks region. The rains were heavy and slowly knocking down the brilliantly hued leaves from the hardwoods. I stopped along a lonely Forest Service road and got this view.

Afternoon sun accentuates the already bright Autumn colors of the slopes beyond Seneca Rocks. Yet another treasure from our campsite at Seneca Shadows.

A lonely hike along the mountain ridge.

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