Monday, October 31, 2011


Apparently my next appearance in print will be my short story "Translator" that will be in the horror anthology HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS. It's a themed anthology, this one being that all of the stories have to be centered around a holiday. It's edited by Scott David Aniolowski for whom I've written before.

I was told right off the bat not to choose any of the more obvious holidays. And I wouldn't have, anyway. What I ended up taking was VJ Day, a holiday no one even bothers to celebrate at all anymore, and barely even acknowledge. Once upon a time that day made a lot of folk pretty darned happy.

At any rate, here's the really cool cover for the book, featuring the Germanic version of a kind of evil Santa Claus we all know as Krampus.

Cover art for HORROR FOR THE HOLIDAYS from Miskatonic River Press.

And while you're waiting, buy my novels!

THE LIVING END from Severed Press.

THE FLOCK from Tor/Forge.


The DPS Kid said...

WTF? What kind of dumb ass am I? I just found out you ARE GONE. I thought you were still taking annual, asked about you a few days ago, and was told you bid to downtown or some other fucked up place.

Damn Smith. This sucks. It's the same shit everywhere else. You know that. What makes cesspool x desirable over the one you've waded in for years? It smells the same and you'll still regurgitate on a regular basis. The arrogance of ignorance is well represented at every facility our employer operates. What's the difference between a cretinous half-life at one location versus another?

That truth is inescapable you freakishly calved Vidalia onion bastard.

Come back to your special septic tank Robert. Return to Randolph ASAP. We'll deface some government property together in celebation. At least come to a playoff game at powerful Charlotte Catholic where this can be further discussed.

10-0 headed into post season. They look good Bob. They are hungry.

HemlockMan said...

I bid out of the station not because of the little deformed dwarf but because I was sick of not having a route. I'd rather have a tough route than none at all. I hate going to a different strange neighborhood every day. I have fifteen goddamned years seniority, for fuck's sake!

I got yer vidalia onion right here!

I see Catholic kicked ass in the first round! Way to go!